Contemporary Native-Style Flute Workshop

Music is the voice of the soul. Without music, the soul is silent. When you play the native flute, the universe hears beautiful sounds which are unique to you. Playing this instrument requires no musical background or formal lessons--only basic techniques and simple concepts are needed.

This versatile instrument can accompany or solo on improvised or written music.

It also enhances meditative practice.

Workshop topics include:

Overview of the native flute                   Basic Fingering                   
            Breath control                                       Sounds & embellishments          

    Care of the flute                                       Playing from the heart

Approximately 1 hour of hands-on playing in the 2.5-hour session. We have a flute you can use. Bring your own if you have one. 
Continue on your path at a follow up flute gathering.

Larry and Vickie began their native flute journey in Sedona in 2013. They were drawn to the high quality and reasonable prices of High Spirits Flutes. Their goal is to bring the joy of playing and the spiritual aspect of the native flute to as many people as possible. Song-Within is an authorized High Spirits vendor. 




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