Interactive Workshops for Beginners 

Featuring High Spirits Flutes and Accessories


Just a quick thank you for being at your HS booth in Mesa on Saturday. My wife and I had . .  picked up a pocket flute for our son-in-law and then saw your street booth. You really helped me decide to buy a flute for myself.

I absolutely love my Sparrow Hawk in A! It is the perfect instrument for me! By the end of the day, I was producing some of the most beautiful melodies straight from the heart. I’ve wanted to play an instrument my whole life, but I’m just not musical at all. I can play a bit of bass guitar, but that’s it. I’m wired mechanically, not creatively; which is why I’m great with machines but horrible with woodworking.

Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement. I can now do what I’ve always wanted to do; relax in a chair and make up beautiful songs out of thin air. Truly enjoyable. I’ve bought a ton of instruments in my life, and finally found one that fits me.


Hi Larry and Vickie,
Just wanted to say hi and tell you I really enjoyed your Workshop in Gold Canyon last Sunday. I learned a lot and have been watching UTube videos as you suggested. I really like the A that I purchased but I have to tell you I really love the Bass E in the EarthTone what a super wonderful flute! I am able to play it and can reach the holes. I am super excited! Thank you both for kindling the spark in me to play the flute not just collect them.
Have a great day!
~Terri W.