Interactive Workshops for Beginners 

Featuring High Spirits Flutes and Accessories

Hello Larry & Vickie;

We recently took a trip to Sedona. I stood on a ledge overlooking a canyon and played Traveling with the Ancestors on my High Spirits flute. My fingers were cold, so not every note was perfect. The sound traveled and echoed being that it was damp with misty rain coming down. It was kind of a magical moment.

~Dan S.


Just a quick thank you for being at your HS booth in Mesa on Saturday. My wife and I had . .  picked up a pocket flute for our son-in-law and then saw your street booth. You really helped me decide to buy a flute for myself.

I absolutely love my Sparrow Hawk in A! It is the perfect instrument for me! By the end of the day, I was producing some of the most beautiful melodies straight from the heart. I’ve wanted to play an instrument my whole life, but I’m just not musical at all. I can play a bit of bass guitar, but that’s it. I’m wired mechanically, not creatively; which is why I’m great with machines but horrible with woodworking.

Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement. I can now do what I’ve always wanted to do; relax in a chair and make up beautiful songs out of thin air. Truly enjoyable. I’ve bought a ton of instruments in my life, and finally found one that fits me.


Hi Larry and Vickie,
Just wanted to say hi and tell you I really enjoyed your Workshop in Gold Canyon last Sunday. I learned a lot and have been watching UTube videos as you suggested. I really like the A that I purchased but I have to tell you I really love the Bass E in the EarthTone what a super wonderful flute! I am able to play it and can reach the holes. I am super excited! Thank you both for kindling the spark in me to play the flute not just collect them.
Have a great day!
~Terri W.

Had a great time today, thanks. :-)

                              ~ Nathan T.

Thank you so much Larry and Vickie, the residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the Native Flute Presentation!! We hope to see you in December.                                                                                       ~Stephany, Springdale Village

Dear Larry and Vickie, 
I wanted to thank both of you for giving me the opportunity to play different flutes at the Mesa fair.  I have quickly become enamored of the High Spirits E flute tuned to 432Hz. It has such a beautiful, clear voice, that I have found myself playing everyday and just feeling the world melt away. There is so much enjoyment and I feel so much better after playing no matter what is going on in my life or the world.  I can feel my heart singing when I play my new flute. I am sure that many hours will pass and probably more quickly than I realize, while I just sit, enjoy and sing with the help of my flute. 

Thank you again for spending so much time with me. 

~Ronn T.

Thank you, Vickie and Larry, for bringing music into the Library!

               ~Stephanie, Reference Librarian, Red Mountain Library

Vickie and Larry from Song-Within Native Style Flutes came to speak with our 55+ residents. The presentation was greatly appreciated by our residents who attended, as both Larry and Vickie were very generous with their musical talents as well as their information about native style flutes. The music was beautiful, and included songs from various native tribal styles, and we all learned a lot about the history of flutes and their long connection with human beings--our need for and appreciation of music. We will definitely have them come back again.                                                                                   ~Barbara, Sun Villa Apartments