​Watch this page to see what you missed or what you can expect at the next Red Mountain Flute Circle.

UPCOMING:  March 23, 2019
       Red Mountain Branch Library
       We will meet in the ThinkSpot and move outside to play with microphone and jam tracks-                        weather permitting.

       Flute Playing Basics in the ThinkSpot at 9:30 am 
       Flute Circle starts at 10 until 11:30 am

UPCOMING:  February 23, 2019

Red Mountain Branch Library

We will meet in one of the study rooms and move outside to play with microphone and jam tracks.

    Flute Playing Basics in the study room at 9:30 am 

    Flute Circle outside from 10:00 to 11:30 am

We will enjoy playing duets and solos, call and response. We will be playing to jam tracks and drum/rattle. We will also experience utilizing the amplifier/microphone.

For Your Edification (and later flute circle use):

Resonant breathing explained by Kalani Das. Kalani explains and demonstrates resonant breathing and its health benefits.

Here is a backing link you can practice resonant breathing. 

RECAP:  February 23, 2019

  • Weather did NOT allow for playing outside. We stayed in the study room.
  • We discussed resonant playing at 64 bpm. See the link below.
  • Larry and Vickie demonstrated a duet with the bass D and mid F# (two flutes a major 3rd apart)-- an arrangement of Silent Night from Clint Goss,
  • Vickie played Amazing Grace (finally) and we discussed briefly Mode 4.
  • Myrna played another jazz composition from her jazz songbook. Everyone else played an improv. We love to hear the growth and improvement. New member Gary, demonstrated his amplifier and lapel mic.
  • Each participant played solos and duets to drum and rattle.
  • A couple of attendees added tuner/metronome to their phones.
  • Special treat: experimenting with rim blown flutes. This activity was very well received and will be repeated in the future.
  • UPCOMING EVENT: Southwest Voyager Flute Festival at the Tucson Voyager Resort on April 5 and 6. Some flute players find these types of events to be life changing--revealing new paths and directions. Non-stop performances, enlightening workshops, flute related vendors, on-site food. Admission is free. Donations are welcomed by both performers and workshop instructors. Attend one or both days.



Interactive Workshops for Beginners 

Featuring High Spirits Flutes and Accessories

RECAP: January 26, 2019

*Demonstration of portable personal flute amplifier from Blur Bear Flutes.

*Discussed webcasts from Clint Goss; the book "Effortless Mastery" by Kenny Werner; and whether we consider ourselves to be 'musicians'.

*Performed improvisations with drum/rattle and duets with high/low playing 5th apart interval flutes, i.e. D - G, E - A, F# - B.

*Everyone played to jam tracks from Clint Goss and Jonny Lipford.

*Next Flute Circle (2/23/2019)  meets in the Study Room and we will be playing outside of the Red Mountain  Library.

RECAP: December 22, 2018 

*Everyone shared where they are on their flute journey and what want to accomplish.

*We discussed wetting out and what a player can do.

*We discussed the upcoming workshop and concert in Tucson with Odell Borg and Travis Terry on January 19. 

*Jim pointed out that Arvel Bird will be at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

*We spent a little time on beginner basics.

*We discussed exploring sounds in and out of the chromatic scale, mode 4, pentatonic, relative major scale

*Gave examples of meditative playing.

*Group played high and low duets with drum and rattle.

*Some members played Christmas songs solo and duet. Kim played improvised scale song. Myrna played a jazz solo featuring blues notes.

*Group played to rhythm backing tracks and Jonny Lipford blues backing track.

*Demo'd HAPI tongue drum. Some of the group experienced HAPI drum and facilitator's personal flute collection.

UPCOMING: January 26, 2019

Red Mountain Branch Library

Native flute playing basics at 9:30 am.

Flute circle from 10:00 to 11:30 am.

There are 3 native and traditional songs we would encourage you to practice on your native flute. 

1)  Amazing Grace is the unofficial anthem of the Cherokee nation from the Trail of tears.  Lots of videos are available on YouTube.

2)  Traveling With The Ancestors with Jan Michael Looking Wolf a traditional native song.

3) Standing Elk Song by Jan Michael Looking Wolf as a tribute to his uncle.