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According to a Wikipedia Article: Popular Appeal

The Native American flute has gained popularity among flute players, in large part because of its simplicity. According to a thesis by Mary Jane Jones:**

"The flute's cathartic appeal probably lies in its simplicity. In their quest to build instruments that could play several chromatic octaves with perfect intonation, Europeans produced mechanically complex instruments that require a great deal of technical skill on the part of the musician. Until a high level of competence is achieved, pouring out one‘s innermost feelings during a performance is extremely difficult. The ability to play musically and emotionally is subject to the musician‘s technical ability. As most music teachers will attest, many beginners take so long to master the necessary skills and are so focused on the technical aspects of their instruments that they must eventually be taught how to play with feeling. Struggling with the demands of their instruments over time causes them to lose the emotional connection to music that they may have felt when singing as young children. Since beginners can play melodies on the Native American flute with ease, it is possible for them to play expressively from the outset. As flute players become better acquainted with their instruments, their improvisations tend to become longer, have more complex melodies and forms, and contain more embellishments. However, the ability to express emotion through improvisation on the flute seems as easy for the beginner as it is for the advanced student."

**Mary Jane Jones (August 2010). Revival and Community: The History and Practices of a Native American Flute Circle (M.A.). Kent State University, College of the Arts / School of Music, 56-57.


With roots in all cultures, the flute is the oldest instrument capable of producing a melody. Tribal artisans who crafted the native flute had no written language or musical theory. Their flutes produced sounds which were naturally harmonic, imitated nature, and came from the heart. The native flute evolved as a social and ceremonial instrument among North American tribes.

No musical background, experience, knowledge, or theory is needed to play the contemporary native-style flute*. Because of its ingenious design, anyone can create beautiful melodies with little effort and without tedious training or difficult-to-learn techniques. It is the ideal instrument for self-expression. 

Why Play the Flute
The native flute gives its users a magical experience: peace, freedom, joy, relaxation, healing, and well-being. It is portable, easy to play, and creates a heart sound that resonates with one’s spirit. The native flute also adapts well to written music, if the player so chooses. To enhance the playing experience, most High Spirits flutes come with an instructional guide and DVD. As you interact with your High Spirits flute, it will release the song within you.  

Why High Spirits Flutes        
High Spirits produces the best quality native-style flutes: in design, workmanship, sound quality, and affordability. Odell Borg, a master craftsman, founded High Spirits flutes over 25 years ago. Made in southern Arizona, they are played by recording artists and enthusiasts worldwide. Each High Spirits flute is hand-crafted from a single piece of plantation-grown wood. Available in various tonal ranges (keys), hard woods have a crisp and clear voice while soft woods tend to be warm and mellow. The flutes are beautifully finished and sealed with a non-toxic protective coating, and are accurately tuned at production.



​​*We are not marketing High Spirits Flutes as being Indian crafted, or the product of an Indian tribe, art, or craft organization resident within the United States.

The language of the soul

from a DayTranslations blogpost by Bernadine Rancoma**

Music belongs to everyone, regardless of race, creed, age, or status in life. Imagine a baby in its mother’s arms, trying to sleep in complete silence. What if lullabies did not exist? How else to soothe a restless child? Music speaks from the soul. It reaches out and expresses what words are unable to say. A mother communicates her love for her baby who may not understand a word she says, but feels safe and loved just the same, as she hums her lullaby.

Whatever experiences a person may be going through, whether it is a heartbreak or unspeakable joy, can be expressed through music. Never mind that the lyrics may be inadequate. The melodies alone are able to convey messages, soul to soul. A beautiful melody can bring tears to one’s eyes. It is powerful enough to soften the hardest heart and heal the most painful memory. It breaks barriers of time and space, provides comfort for the grieving, and calms the anxious mind. It is a special gift that everyone can share. It has been around for as long as we have been around. It is unlike any other language because it can hardly be understood, and yet it is acknowledged and completely appreciated for what it is. But a language it most assuredly is.

***Bernadine is a writer, researcher, professional and multi-awarded blogger and new media consultant. She brings with her a rich set of experience in the corporate world, as well as in the field of research and writing. Having taken early retirement after working as an international civil servant and traveling the world for 22 years, she has aggressively pursued her main interest in writing and research. You can also find Bernadine Racoma at Google Plus.


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